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Platforms accessories

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Platforms mobiBUD might be variously configured, depending on construction’s requirements. To provide comfort and safety of usage, we manufacture full range of accessories:

  • detachable and telescopic legs, max height 2.0m,
  • clamps, connectors and levelling pads,
  • standard 1m and 2m black railings, which can be customized in order to dimensions and full RAL palette colours, also made of different materials (like polished stainless steel),
  • stairs with fixed height (for detachable, fixed height legs) or with variable height (for telescopic legs), with customized covering, filling or colour in order to usage with special platforms,
  • masking textile curtains and panels made of MDF or plexiglass (also backlit), these elements significantly enhance the aesthetics of the scene or construction.

Railings and stairs fulfil Eurocode requirements for steel constructions.