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Platforms mobiBUD

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Platforms mobiBUD are one of the latest and the most innovative constructions in Europe.

Platforms mobiBUD have the highest performance in class of max load 750kg/m2 in order to durability and resistance to deformation at very intensive exploitation, while maintaining a low weight.

Crucial quality features of mobiBUD platforms at first glance you cannot see. First of all it is an high-performance frame and bracket fixing legs to the platform, made of unique, innovative and customized aluminium profiles.

The second very important thing is that profiles are made of top-strength alloys, having more than twice higher deformation resistance than commonly used for platforms profiles manufacturing.

The third is aluminium profiles processing precision of a tenth of a millimetre. Profiles are manufactured and finished in EU, Poland, by well-known company having implemented ISO 9001 and IS14001, supplying on daily basis high-tech sectors, like aviation, military or automotive.

All above gives you a fourth feature. Platforms mobiBUD, as one of the few, meet requirements for aluminium constructions accordingly to Eurocod 9 norm. During maximum load computer simulation and physical tests, platforms mobiBUD passed tests for safety ratio 1,5 (1125kg/m2).