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Construction made from mobiBUD platforms is one of the simplest, fastest and the most flexible way to build audience in theatre, conference room or lecture hall, especially in buildings where fixed, concrete audience is not possible to made (like antique interiors, rented buildings, etc.). Audience made of mobiBUD platforms meets all Eurocod 9 requirements for aluminum constructions and fire safety regulations.

Solid base construction can be easily customize in order to width and height of each level, to fill available space in the most reasonable way. We can handle even the most complicated shapes of interior, applying already constructed modules or if required design customized elements. In case of “wall to wall” object base construction is not equipped with railings what allows to arrange new audience as integral part of existing substance.

Audience made of mobiBUD platforms can be fixed or temporary, in second case can be easily dissembled and moved to another place of use as for example stage, conference table, dance floor, etc.

Audience made of mobiBUD platform can be variously finished:

  • side and vertical elements of base construction can be covered by curtain or panels made of MDF, wood or any other material fitting interior,
  • top of each level can be – as a standard – made by birch fire retardant and anti-slip birch plywood, can be covered by carpet of parquet as objects around,
  • base construction can be equipped with conference chairs (also with foldable table), theatre, upholstered chair or remain plain to place a free-standing chair or tables.

Audience made of mobiBUD platforms is a flexible module object, what means that in any case can be adjusted and modified to new requirements, moved to new place (especially in order to rented spaces) or change purpose to a stage, dance floor, any other object, without huge financial and labour efforts.