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Interior arrangement

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Interior arrangement made by mobiBUD platforms, is the easiest and the fastest way to made a multidimensional object without interfering into building structure, which is extremely important in antique buildings, rental without permission for construction changes, seasonal or when burdensome and difficult to reverse construction works are not desirable.

In all above cases mobiBUD platforms are perfect to arrange:

  • conference hall – both to build multi-level audience with chairs and portable tables and podium for speakers,
  • audience with portable of standard chairs,
  • multi-level objects or platforms – restaurant objects, dance floor, hall or lounge for guests,
  • seasonal outdoor terrace, swimming pool, lake or sea platform, sun-deck with a roof as an option,
  • many others.

We offer to make platforms with various shapes, dimensions, coatings, frame colours and masking panels, all to meet space and architectural requirements.