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Sport tribunes

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Sport tribunes made of mobiBUD platforms are costly reasonable, flexible and for various application (indoor and outdoor) solutions for each primary school, high-school or college.

Flexibility of the solution is possible because of use of light weight and durable mobiBUD platforms with water-resistant and anti-slip birch plywood filling, equipped with variable length, telescopic legs allowing to build a tribune at any height on each, even not plain, surface both in and outdoor.

Because of ease of use, tribune made of mobiBUD platforms can be assembled in a very short time (for example 4 level tribune, 6 meter wide it’s only 12 platforms, each of them can be assembled in less than a minute). To make transportation more convenient, we offer trolley with large wheels.

Telescopic legs allow to ease use of platforms in different applications, like stage for orchestra during school dance events, stage for school performances or stable tables during open days, fairs, etc.

Object made from mobiBUD platforms is reasonable alternative for the simplest foldable (telescopic) grandstands up to 5 levels. Grandstand made from mobiBUD platforms is first of all more safe and reliable (max load 750kg/m2 versus typical 350-400kg/m2) and meets all requirements for aluminum constructions accordingly to Eurocod 9, including safety ratio 1,5 (1125kg/m2) for dynamic usage load, especially important in moment, where maximum load assumptions may be reached or exceeded (spontaneous cheering – jumping and tapping or more than designed number of seating users).