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Outdoor and indoor stages seem to be the most popular application of mobiBUD platforms.

As at first glance use and look of all available on the market platforms are quite similar, the main differences and key averages are hidden.

It is the matter of alloys used to special profiles extrusion, it’s outstanding deformation resistance and resilience allow to build safe and esthetical stages. Very important is that stage made with mobiBUD platforms meets requirements of Eurocod 9 norm for aluminum constructions, including safety ratio 1,5 (1125kg/m2) for dynamic usage load.

All above makes intensive use of scene the most safe and with extended lifetime.

Depending on requirements for outdoor stages, platforms are filled with standard, waterproof, fire retardant and anti-slip birch plywood (perfect for extensive usage, including often assembling, disassembling and transportation) with optional roof (more about roofs you can find Roofs).

For indoor stage, frames of platforms can be painted or anodize to fit interior colours and covered with parquet or carpet the same as around.

For special orders we can made platforms in various shapes (triangle, round edge, square, etc.) and various dimensions, all to fill perfectly available space or artistic requirements.